Nas and Kelis custody battle has escalated

Nas and Kelis custody battle has escalated 

Posted: 11:14 am Wednesday, March 14th, 2018

By tysheeks

Nas and Kelis custody battle has escalated and now their lawyers have been picking on each other.

Via Love B Scott:

The ongoing custody battle between Kelis and Nas is getting so intense that Nas’ attorney is allegedly calling Kelis’ attorney out of his name.

According to newly-filed documents obtained by TMZ, Kelis says Nas’ lawyer called her attorney a “fattie” and a “dick.”

Kelis’ attorney, Navid Moshtael, says he’s used to being called names — he’s a lawyer, after all — but says this is the first time it’s come from an “experienced attorney” in front of clients and on the record.

Imagine the transcriber’s fingers flying during the argument.

Kelis says the name-calling is gonna cost Nas, because she says his team blew it when they stopped the depo to get childish. She doesn’t sound like she’s up for giving them a do-over, either.

We’re just relieved this isn’t a story about Nas and Kelis hurling insults at each other.