Chadwick Boseman surprises ‘Black Panther’ fans

Chadwick Boseman surprises ‘Black Panther’ fans 

Posted: 1:54 pm Thursday, March 1st, 2018

By tysheeks

Chadwick Boseman surprises ‘Black Panther’ fans with the help of Jimmy Fallon.

Via Complex:

Fallon set up a room where fans were told they’d be recording video messages for the actor, explaining how Black Panther made them feel, but there was a twist. Fans took their turns expressing the pride, joy, and confidence they felt watching Boseman on the big screen. “Thank you from the very bottom of my heart for all that you’ve done,” said one fan, “and being a hero that we really need in a time like this.”

Fan after fan and message after message, Boseman would step out from behind the curtains to embrace and talk to each of them, including a mother and son who were in disbelief and a young black creative who had movie-making aspirations of her own. “What kind of movies do you want to make?” Boseman asked her as he stepped out. It all made for mushy and sweet TV moment goodness.