Stacey Dash is running for Congress

Stacey Dash is running for Congress 

Posted: 10:30 am Tuesday, February 27th, 2018

By tysheeks

Yesterday, Stacey Dash filled out paperwork to run for Congress in the state of California.


The Bronx native, best known for her role as Dionne in “Clueless,” joined Fox News as a contributor in 2014. She was suspended in 2015 after saying that then-President Obama didn’t “give a s–t” about terrorism.

Dash, 51, has also made waves with controversial comments about transgender people, feminism and the #OscarsSoWhite movement.

“Stacey’s political interests originally became public and sparked controversy during the 2012 presidential election when she endorsed presidential candidate Mitt Romney on her personal Facebook and Twitter accounts, and subsequently endured heavy criticism for supporting a conservative candidate. She did it again in 2016 when she bucked the Hollywood film industry and supported Donald Trump for president,” her campaign website, Dash to D.C., reads.

“As part of her cultural and political activism, Dash has continued to use her position as a well-known actress to voice her opinions and encourage discussion on topics ranging from pop culture to domestic and foreign politics across all media platforms, and has launched her brand Dash America. Dash America draws on the best American traditions of love of country, love of freedom, and love of family, and promotes the best for America’s future — genuine unity and freedom of education and opportunity.”

Democrat Nanette Barragán currently holds the district after taking over the seat in January 2017. District 44 has had a Democratic representative since 2012.

Dash, who said late Monday afternoon that she would issue a formal statement later, pushed back against critics.

“For those mocking for the district I live in…open your minds,” she tweeted. “It’s time to for me to put up or shut up and I want to serve great people.”