K. Michelle talks to Dr. Oz about removing her butt injections

K. Michelle talks to Dr. Oz about removing her butt injections 

Posted: 10:53 am Tuesday, February 27th, 2018

By tysheeks

I guess fake booties aren’t in anymore.

Recently, K. Michelle sat and talked to Dr. Oz about removing her butt injections.

Via Love B Scott:

K. Michelle has made no secret of wanting to remove the illicit butt injections she received years ago.

In 2015, she exclusively told our very own B. Scott that she planned to downsize her backside.

This year she had her butt injections removed.

She, along with Dr. Michael Niccole — the doctor who removed her injections — stopped by Dr. Oz to share their experience.

“No amount of beauty is worth your health,” said K. Michelle.

When K. first got her illegal butt procedure, tiny pellets were injected into her buttocks. These foreign objects, called hydrophilic particles, were created to expand to 5 times their original size as they absorbed blood and body fluids.

If you’re wondering why so many fake butts look so bad — this is why. The illegal technique often results in deformities, misshapen buttocks, pain/discomfort, or even more serious complications.

Dr. Niccole managed to remove hundreds of the pellets from her booty, but that was only about 40% of them.

He explained to Dr. Oz, some had worked their way into the muscle tissues and nerve endings and could not be fully removed.