Toni Braxton denies Birdman marriage rumors

Toni Braxton denies Birdman marriage rumors 

Posted: 10:42 am Tuesday, February 6th, 2018

By tysheeks

Toni Braxton wants you to know she IS NOT married.

She has been denying Birdman marriage rumors.

Via Love B Scott:

Toni Braxton is setting the record straight.

Following months of speculation (and a big sparkly diamond on her ring finger), the singer is denying that she and her boo Birdman are married.

“Tamar told the world we’re married and we eloped,” she said. “We are not married. I promise you. Maybe I wouldn’t be so explosive about it but I wouldn’t deny it. I wouldn’t say ‘I’m not married,’ if someone asked me. I’m not married.”

As for why her sister Tamar said they were married, Toni says it’s all ‘alternative facts.’

“Me and him have been friends for 16 years,” she explained. “We’ve been besties for a long time. This is real. No crossing the line. He would keep in touch. He would come see me when I had my plays. When I had my baby shower, he would come. We were really friends.

Well alright. At least Toni understands why we give their relationship the side-eye.

“I get why they think it’s weird, but they don’t know him like I know him,” she said. “He’s very traditional…He’s very traditional about family and values. He has two kids by his high school sweetheart. Same baby mama. He had his kids when he was in his late 20s. He’s always a gentleman to me, around me.”