Draya gets dragged on the internet for her parenting

Draya gets dragged on the internet for her parenting 

Posted: 11:09 am Monday, December 11th, 2017

By tysheeks

Draya gets dragged on the internet for her parenting.

Via Love B Scott:

Parenting can be rough. For most parents, there are thoughts and feelings that come with raising children that are best kept private — even though they may be somewhat valid.

Unfortunately, Draya learned this the hard way after complaining online about having to participate in her 13-year-old son Kniko’s homework requirement.

Kniko’s assignment was to memorize a four-minute speech and be able to recite it, requiring as much practice at home as in school. His teacher required him to have a parent sign off to prove he practices at home (five times a day).

After days of hearing the speech, Draya took to Instagram to vent about the assignment and asked her followers what they thought.

“Mom are you for real I didn’t get a note card and now I’m not getting those points” Kniko sent to her. Draya responded back,  “Smh. Imma write a rude note.” “Should I say what I really want to say? Cuz we can take it there.”

The conversation alone wasn’t that bad, but it was the accompanying caption that really opened Draya up for criticsm.

 “I’m all for helping my child with his homework, but at this point, she has him harassing me with this speech,” she complained. “I’m hearing it 2x a day for a month straight. I’m finna memorize it. … Tell your teacher I’m done with this. It’s not my damn homework. But it feels like it. What ya’ll think?”