[VIDEO] Blac Chyna accused of vandalism

[VIDEO] Blac Chyna accused of vandalism 

Posted: 10:16 am Monday, October 16th, 2017

By tysheeks

Blac Chyna didn’t want her picture taken a pretty much slammed a guy’s cell phone down on the ground and smashed it.

Via TMZ:

Chyna’s listed as the suspect in a misdemeanor vandalism report LAPD took Thursday around 3:30 AM. Law enforcement tells TMZ, the man was shooting video of Chyna as she left a Hollywood club and she wasn’t happy about it.

That’s obvious in this video shot by another photog, where you clearly see Chyna slap something out of a man’s hand. Sources close to Chyna tell us she’d repeatedly told photogs she didn’t want to be shot. When they persisted … she flipped, and threatened to get some “real n***as” to kick their asses.

Based on the video, BC didn’t need backup.

Watch the video here