Vincent Herbert is ordered to pay Sony $3.7 million

Vincent Herbert is ordered to pay Sony $3.7 million 

Posted: 12:10 pm Thursday, September 28th, 2017

By tysheeks

Vincent Herbert is ordered to pay Sony $3.7 million.

Apparently Sont gave him an advance that he never paid back.

Via TMZ:

Music exec Vince Herbert has to cough up the dough after a judge sided with Sony in their legal battle over a 2013 advance. According to the suit … Sony paid Herbert to find new talent, and part of the deal required payments back from Interscope Records.

However, Sony sued Herbert, claiming he started intercepting the money from Interscope in October 2015 … thereby screwing Sony out of recouping the advance. 

Herbert failed to respond to the lawsuit, and the judge issued a default judgment. Now, including interest, Vince has to pay $3,738,515.93 to Sony.

Interesting note — Tamar recently announced her upcoming album, “Bluebird of Happiness,” will be her last before retiring to focus on her marriage. Maybe the family checkbook too.