Ray J is suing ‘Celebrity Big Brother’

Ray J is suing ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ 

Posted: 12:02 pm Friday, August 18th, 2017

By tysheeks

Ray J is suing ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ for kicking him off of their show.

Ray J is claiming the show owes him money.

Via TMZ:

Sources close to Ray J tell TMZ … his legal team and the production company have been negotiating for months but talks have hit a wall … so RJ’s manager, David Weintraub, has given his legal team the green light to file papers.

The issue — Ray J says ‘CBB’ agreed to pay him $1 million and he says the show’s gotta cough it up because ‘CBB’ unfairly kicked him out following a dental emergency.

TMZ broke the story … Ray J was booted from the UK show back in January after complaining of an unbearable toothache that required a dentist to visit on set, 8 pain killers and an ambulance ride to the hospital after blacking out.

Ray J will ask that the show pay him the hundreds of thousands he says he’s still owed, a public apology and an invitation to come back next season.