Amber Rose is being sued by Wiz Khalifa’s mom

Amber Rose is being sued by Wiz Khalifa’s mom 

Posted: 11:55 am Wednesday, August 9th, 2017

By tysheeks

Oh geez … Wiz Khalifah’s mom is suing her ex daughter in law Amber Rose.

Basically Amber accused Wiz’s mom of being an unfit grandmother so now she’s suing Amber.

Via TMZ:

Katie Wimbush-Polk is reportedly suing Amber for defamation because she says Wiz’s ex said she was responsible for her child’s death. Khalifa’s sibling, Dorien “Lala”, died in February of complications from lymphoma.

In the suit — as reported by the Washington Observer-Reporter — Amber made the phone call to Katie after Katie allegedly reported Amber to California Child Welfare Services. Katie denies making the call, and nothing came of it when child services visited Amber on June 19.

Wiz’s mom is suing for damages. We’ve reached out to Amber, so far no word back.