Mike Tyson opens up about sexually abused as a child

Mike Tyson opens up about sexually abused as a child 

Posted: 12:26 pm Tuesday, July 25th, 2017

By tysheeks

Mike Tyson recently opened up about being sexually abused when he was younger in an interview.

Mike Tyson says:

“Well I don’t like to talk about that, I like to keep that where it was in the past, but I was molested as a child,” Mike said.

He also says the experience impacted his life:

“…it made me have to be tough for the world I lived in.”

Mike has been interviewed several times but this has never came up until now …

“It was no one’s business to know, people just don’t talk about it because to some people they believe it’s demasculating [sic] them,” Mike said. “I learned that it doesn’t make you any less of a man because it happened.”

Watch the full interview here