Posted: 11:40 am Friday, June 16th, 2017

Steve Harvey tells a Flint, Michigan resident to enjoy his nice glass of brown water 

By tysheeks

How disgusting … is this.

Basically Steve was doing a radio interview when a Flint resident called in saying that the Cleveland Cavaliers didn’t deserve jack.

Via LoveBScott:

A listener recorded the aftermath of the conversation right after Steve’s initial joke — but it didn’t stop there. His co-hosts can be heard trying to get Steve back on track, but he doubled down on the offense and made one last dig.

“I wasn’t talking about the city of Flint,” Steve told his co-hosts, “I was talking about him.”

He continued on to say, “He gone call in and say Cleveland don’t deserve jack and he over their bathing in all that silver water.”

The caller was still on the line at this point and told Steve he was Dee from Flinttown.

Before taking the next caller Steve told the caller there was “one more thing.”

“Go ahead,” the caller said.

“Enjoy your nice brown glass of water,” Steve finished.

Listen to the audio below: