Posted: 10:35 am Monday, June 12th, 2017

Lil Wayne is being allegedly sued for a hate crime against a white security guard 

By tysheeks

Hate crimes are taken very serious, well sometimes.

Rapper, Lil Wayne is currently being accused of punching a white security guard in the face

and now the security guard is making claims that it’s a hate crime against white people.

Via TMZ:

A California man claims he was working the front door at Hyde nightclub on the Sunset Strip in June 2016 when Weezy and his crew showed up for a BET Music Awards after-party … and started acting belligerent.

According to the docs … the guard felt physically threatened but was trying to do his job controlling entry into the club when the rapper punched him with a closed fist and knocked him to the ground

The man claims Lil Wayne then threw a glass filled with alcohol in his face and yelled, “F*** you white boy!” … which he claims makes it a hate crime.

Wayne’s camp has denied the rapper punched the guy.

The security guard’s suing Wayne, his label and the club for damages for assault and battery … and wants a $25,000 civil penalty tacked on to his damages for the hate crime.