DJ Khaled reportedly wants to be the head of Epic Records

DJ Khaled reportedly wants to be the head of Epic Records 

Posted: 10:00 am Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

By tysheeks

Could DJ Khaled be the next to take over Epic Records?

Via Page Six:

“He was petitioning to get that job. He’s like, ‘I make more happen than anyone in the game, why would I not be considered to run the label?’ ” an industry insider told us of the DJ and producer.

Sources further said that Sony CEO Rob Stringer may have axed Reid because he’s a diva: “The girl thing was just one more piece to the problem. That’s been going on for decades. He doesn’t have a superstar roster to spend what he spends and be the diva that he is. Stringer wasn’t having it. He wants to put his own people in and clean a lot of baggage out.”

Another insider said Reid’s spending was never an issue: “Rob was happy with LA. He was making money. He was doing fine. It’s not about that. This is about something that happened and it got cleaned up. Rob is not having the culture of that.”

We hear several music heavyweights have been lobbying for Reid’s gig, in addition to Khaled.

“Khaled is a big hype machine — not a person who’s running a record label,” said a source. “My guess is [Sony Music UK CEO] Jason Iley will run either Columbia or Epic or they will take [RCA president] Tom Corson . . . and put him at Columbia or Epic.”

Meanwhile, there’s also buzz Stringer could do away with Epic and fold it into RCA, but another insider told us it’s not true.

“Not even Epic execs know what’s going on. There’s been no communication,” an insider told us.

A rep for Epic would not comment.

“LA Reid will be leaving the company,” is the only statement Sony’s released.