The Game filed a $20 million lawsuit against Viacom

The Game filed a $20 million lawsuit against Viacom 

Posted: 4:28 pm Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017

By tysheeks

The Game isn’t backing down from his sexual assault verdict.

He filed a $20 million lawsuit against Viacom.

Via The Hollywood Reporter:

“Defendants clearly had knowledge of Rainey’s violent and extensive arrest history, yet they chose ratings over protecting the Plaintiff and others,” states the complaint. “In addition to having knowledge of Rainey’s multiple arrests, Defendants knew, or should have known, that Rainey was Baker Acted in 2012.”

According to the lawsuit, this refers to Florida’s Mental Health Act of 1971, which allows for involuntary institutionalization of an individual.

The complaint goes on to accuse Rainey, who is not a named co-defendant, of “several troublesome incidents” on “She’s Got Game,” including violent behavior and jealousness. Rainey was “kicked” off the show,” it adds, which “humiliated and enraged” her.