Kendrick Lamar has the No. 1 album and song in the country!

Kendrick Lamar has the No. 1 album and song in the country! 

Posted: 11:09 am Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

By tysheeks

Drake can chill right now, Kendrick is the man right now!

Via Billboard:

Here are Kendrick Lamar’s 14 titles on the Billboard Hot 100 dated May 6:

Position, title, weekly U.S. streams
No. 1  (up from No. 3) “Humble.” (67.4 million)
No. 4 (debut), “DNA.” (51 million)
No. 14 (debut), “Loyalty.,” featuring Rihanna (32.2 million)
No. 16 (debut), “Element.” (31.3 million)
No. 18 (debut), “Love.,” featuring Zacari (29.3 million)
No. 32 (debut), “Yah.” (24.5 million)
No. 33 (debut), “XXX.” (23.3 million)
No. 35 (debut), “Feel.” (22.5 million)
No. 37 (debut),” Pride.” (21.8 million)
No. 42 (debut), “Lust.” (20.2 million)
No. 50 (debut), “Fear.”  (17.6 million)
No. 54 (debut), “Blood.”  (17.3 million)
No. 58 (debut), “God.” (16 million)
No. 63 (debut), “Duckworth.” (14.1 million)

Also impressively, Lamar becomes only the fifth act to chart as many as 14 concurrent titles on the Hot 100. The Beatles first did so in 1964, posting 14 songs at one time in the midst of early Beatlemania. It was 51 years before another artist achieved the feat (which has become somewhat more common as streaming increases, benefiting albums by certain star acts). Along with The Beatles, Lamar joins Drake (a record 24 simultaneously-charted songs), The Weeknd (18) and Justin Bieber (14); all four latter acts ran up their high totals accompanying hit album debuts.