Posted: 6:29 pm Friday, April 21st, 2017

La La Anthony will get primary custody of her 10-year old son Kiyan + Carmelo gets visitation 

By tysheeks

Carmelo and La La Anthony have come to a temporary custody agreement.

Via TMZ:

Sources close to the former couple tell us 10-year-old Kiyan will live with La La in NYC, but Melo has a totally open line of communication and will able to spend time with his son as much as he’d like.

We’re told the 2 believe they can work out all the details without going to court … it being done with their lawyers.

Both Carmelo and La La agree it’s important they work out a structure for Kiyan so he’s not whipsawed from place to place while they end their marriage. We’re told La La has issues with Carmelo for sure, but she’s adamant he’s a great dad and deserves time with his son.

We’re told they are absolutely getting divorced, even though legal docs haven’t been filed … yet.