Posted: 2:59 pm Friday, March 24th, 2017

Trey Songz says he Nicki Minaj ain’t have sh!t before ‘Bottoms Up’ 

By tysheeks

Trey Songz had an interview and spoke on the feud between him and Nicki Minaj.

Trey says:

“Nicki ain’t have sh*t before ‘Bottoms Up.’ She got a single with Sean Garrett. After that, she did ‘Monster’ and then she [blew up]. All before that, it was looks. You was hanging with Wayne. It was the wild girl with wild hair. I love you Nicki. I love you. You came at me wrong. You disrespected me, but I love you,” he said.

Then he says:

“You’re gonna be petty, I’m gonna be petty, too,” said Trey. “What you talking about? You ain’t say nothing to Remy. It took you a week to say something to Remy. She’ll probably be mad about this, but y’all gotta realize I don’t give a f–k about nothing.”