[ PHOTO] Russell Wilson looks a little too close with Ciara’s BFF

[ PHOTO] Russell Wilson looks a little too close with Ciara’s BFF 

Posted: 11:00 am Wednesday, March 15th, 2017

By tysheeks

Did Russell Wilson lose his mind?
Russell and Ciara’s bestfriend/makeup artist are seen in the photo below looking really close!

When is it ever okay for your wife’s best friend to sit on your lap?

Where the heck was Ciara at?

Via Oxygen:

Did Russell Wilson break #husbandcode? The football player is usually a model partner to singer Ciara but fans are calling foul on his recent play. Russell is getting dragged on social media for letting Ciara’s best friend and makeup artist sit on his lap.

This could all very well be nothing. This weekend, Ciara and Russell celebrated their engagement anniversary, and last week, shared a series of gorgeous pregnancy photos including a very lovey dovey family portrait with Russell. Hopefully it’s not a bother to Ci, given the stress she went through after that car accident this weekend.