YG breaks a $60k contract to play ‘FDT’ at a college concert

YG breaks a $60k contract to play ‘FDT’ at a college concert 

Posted: 11:36 am Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

By tysheeks

YG didn’t even care about that $60k contract he broke.

Via Complex:

The Compton rapper served as the headliner for a concert at San Diego State University along with Rob Stone on Friday night, as part of SDSU’s “Greenfest” event at the school. GreenFest, according to the website, is a week-long event where participants, “encourage, celebrate, and advocate for sustainability, SDSU Pride, and diversity.” A performance of “FDT,” which rails on Trump specifically for acts of prejudice and racism, feels like the only appropriate thing YG could have done.

He might end up missing that $60,000 later, but YG is committed to spreading the message. People started GoFundMe pages when they thought it could earn YG a spot at the inauguration, so maybe appreciative fans can just pony up the lost money now instead.