Migos sued for allegedly stealing clothes from a video shoot

Migos sued for allegedly stealing clothes from a video shoot 

Posted: 6:18 pm Sunday, February 26th, 2017

By tysheeks

Migos Performs At Drai's Beach Club - Nightclub In Las Vegas

Migos is being sued for allegedly stealing $20,000 worth of clothes from a video shoot.

The stylist of the photo shoot, says the group stole wardrobe items.

Via TMZ:


Migos co-starred in Niykee Heaton’s “Bad Intentions” vid, shot last year in Encino, CA. The video is pretty hot — Niykee’s scantily clad through most of it, as all 3 guys from Migos wear a ridiculously expensive wardrobe.

Stylist Marcus Clark says they never returned the shirts on their backs, and although he made several attempts to retrieve the gear, the best he got was a text from Migos’ manager saying … “That’s over wit.”

According to docs, they walked off with:
– 3 Enfants Riches Déprimés shirts, $18,138
– 2 pairs of vintage sunglasses (Versace and Les Copains), $700

Taxes alone on the shirts came to $1,632!