Kourtney Kardashian turned down Scott Disick’s marriage propsal in Costa Rica

Kourtney Kardashian turned down Scott Disick’s marriage propsal in Costa Rica 

Posted: 11:36 am Thursday, February 9th, 2017

By tysheeks


Dang Kourtney didn’t have to do Scott like that.

Scott is ready to settle down with the mother of his children, but looks like Kourtney isn’t ready to.

The family were on a vacation in Costa Rica when Scott asked for Kourtney’s hand in marriage, while the camera’s were rolling she declined, maybe it was because he casually said “Let’s Get Married” with no ring.

Scott come on now, you have to come better than that!

Via US Weekly:

Kourtney wouldn’t engage. Set on keeping their relationship platonic after nine years of ups and downs, “she told him no,” says the insider. “Scott was embarrassed, upset and angry.” Fueling his distress: Disick, 33, had been on a two-year mission to win her back, getting sober at a Malibu rehab in 2015 and visiting clubs only for paid hosting gigs. The about-face came too late, says a pal: “Kourtney is over being with him.”

The sting of rejection left him reeling. As Us Weekly previously reported, he covertly flew another woman to the Papagayo Peninsula, then holed up with her in the production team’s hotel. “Kourtney is not upset he’s seeing other women,” says a show insider. “She’s upset he’d disrupt the trip with the kids. If you’re dating someone important, bring her to meet the family. Don’t hide her.” (A Disick pal contends his antics were set up for the show.)One day before the vacation was due to end, Disick fled to Miami January 29 for a week of binge drinking with bikini-clad admirers. At Liv nightclub that evening, he met model Jessica “J Lynne” Harris, who he made out with at the Setai hotel pool the next day. By January 31, he was wrapped around modelAmber Davis on a poolside chaise lounge.

Yet he couldn’t get the attention of the one woman he wanted. “This is all a ‘f–k you’ to Kourtney,” says the first source. “But she doesn’t care. She’s done with all of it.”