Posted: 1:52 pm Tuesday, February 7th, 2017

Despite Beyonce being pregnant with twins, she will STILL perform at Coachella 

By tysheeks


Beyonce told the world about a week ago that she was pregnant with TWINS!

She still plans to perform at Coachella… as of now.

Via TMZ:

Sources involved in pulling off Coachella tell us Bey has no intention of canceling, and has already booked 2 other big artists to join her onstage. She’s made housing arrangements out in the desert for her guest stars, and we’re told both knew well in advance that Beyonce’s preggo.

One of the performers is from the Roc Nation roster. The other is from a different label, but still close to Bey. Our sources say the guests have blocked off their schedules for the gig and there’s no going back now.

It’s still unclear how she’ll handle the performance, since she’ll likely be in her third trimester by April. Beyhive might not love it, but there’s always the seated option.