Rihanna claps all the way back on Azealia Banks

Rihanna claps all the way back on Azealia Banks 

Posted: 11:51 am Monday, January 30th, 2017

By tysheeks


Rihanna tweeted to Slam President Donald Trump for his banning of Muslims.

Read the tweet below:

Azealia Banks took it upon herself to retaliate, she posted to Instagram saying:

“No. this is all stupid and wrong. Is she even American ???? Can she even vote? We started a war we HAVE to finish or else it will finish us. Trump is simply finishing the job, not because he wants to but because HAS to. If we don’t , terror will spread through turkey and into America. We fucked up big time and we need to very ungraciously end this war and just deal with the new blood on our hands. All great empires fall. As will this one. But for NOW, were just getting started. We are set to take over and control the entire planet. As we will. Our failure is not now.”



Rihanna then threw shade on Instagram back at Banks.


Banks TRIED to clap back, but failed.