Keke Palmer is taking legal action against Trey Songz

Keke Palmer is taking legal action against Trey Songz 

Posted: 12:58 pm Thursday, January 26th, 2017

By tysheeks


Keke Palmer is heated!

Keke is accusing Trey of sexual intimidation for putting her in the music video ‘Pick up the Phone’ without her permission.

The reason she says she didn’t want to take part in the video was this:

“Because I wasn’t in the right mind. I had been drinking and eating, and it wasn’t a professional environment. It was not a place where I’m like, ‘I’m in the right mind to decide if this works with my brand, if I like the artist.’ I don’t know nothing about the artist that’s also in the song.”

Keke breaks down what she means by sexual intimidation:

“You know, I feel like, as a female, often I’m put in situations where sometimes males will use their masculinity, their sexuality, to taunt you. It would be like you going to a party where the biggest jock is there and the whole time he’s like, you know, ‘You can get screwed. You can get this, you can get that. You ain’t no little girl no more.’”

Keke says the legal action isn’t just about her:

“I mean the video is down now. But I mean…I feel more so my point isn’t to say it’s not just specifically about this person, this guy or what he did. It’s the overall idea that you can’t just do stuff to people and it’s all right. No matter who you are.”

You can check out the full video here