Just In: Joe McKnight’s killer, has been arrested and charged!

Just In: Joe McKnight’s killer, has been arrested and charged! 

Posted: 2:07 pm Tuesday, December 6th, 2016

By tysheeks


Ronald Gasser, the man who killed former NFL player Joe McKnight in what’s said to be a road rage incident has been arrested for manslaughter.


Via TMZ:

Sheriff Newell Normand says they interviewed Ronald Gasser for more than 10 hours and spoke with more than 160 witnesses in the case. 

They believe after Gasser shot McKnight following a verbal altercation — he got out of the car to see McKnight’s body … and was approached by a military officer. 

The Naval officer told Gasser to put his gun away because it was not in his best interest to shoot a Naval officer. 

The Naval officer and cops then tried to help McKnight — but it was too late. 

Sheriff Normand says Gasser has insisted he was fearing for his life — and that’s why he pulled his weapon during the altercation.

However, the sheriff says … “Suffice it to say that obviously, a lot of the independent witnesses have provided information that doesn’t completely square up with Mr. Gasser’s statement.”


He should be charged with murder, not manslaughter.