Kodak Black is out of jail & STILL eating jail food

Kodak Black is out of jail & STILL eating jail food 

Posted: 2:48 pm Monday, December 5th, 2016

By tysheeks

Rapper Kodak Black is ordered held without bond on two warrants

I guess it takes a little adjusting to get use to eating regular food again. Kodak was released from jail about a week ago, but he’s still eating jail food.

Via BET:

Posting a jailhouse dish to his Instagram on Sunday (Dec. 4), Black is feasting on a medley of what looks like bread, cheese, bologna (?), unidentified condiments and chips. Some commenters even identified a nickname for the potluck, or pot-unluck, entrée: “a smear.”

Despite how toxic the mashup appears to be, his admittance to forgetting how to boil an egg might explain why he finds the dish not only appetizing, but convenient as well. And while things don’t look to be going so smoothly in the kitchen, let’s hope he has more luck cooking up in the studio, since he’s reportedly working on new tracks while he’s out on bail.