Snoop Dogg auctions off a $1,000 BLUNT!

Snoop Dogg auctions off a $1,000 BLUNT! 

Posted: 12:48 pm Thursday, October 27th, 2016

By tysheeks


Snoop raised money for a halloween fundraiser by rolling up a blunt!
Basically, Snoop Dogg rolled a blunt hand rolled himself and auctioned it off for $1,000.


“I’m raffling off one of these blunts that I hand-rolled,” he announced to the audience toward the end of the show at the Hollywood Palladium, according to USA Today.

The 44-year-old rapper — whose affinity for smoking is well-documented — began the bidding at $100 and ended up selling the item to a woman in a witch costume.

The moment left the crowd buzzing, with one audience member asking “is this legal?” as Snoop took offers for the blunt.